December 3rd, 2019 Banquet

The Knights had their annual meeting and banquet on December 3rd, 2019.  We had several members get honors;

First, we have our Grand Knight Greg Shinaut, naming off and recognizing our past Grand Knights on a plaque;



We have Mr. Robert Kluge receiving the "Knight of The Year" award.  Bob has done so many good things for our church and council.  It is an honor to have him as a member of the Knights of Columbus.  

Bob was chosen by a committee and they considered the following factors in their search for a Knight of the Month:

• Does the member have a robust prayer-life that goes beyond weekly mass attendance?

• Has the member made significant contributions to the parish and church community?

• Is   the   member   active   in   serving   his   local community?

• Is the member a true Catholic gentleman? Does he serve as a model man to his brothers?


Bob fits all criteria! Thank you Bob for all that you do! 


Finally, we have Mike and Rosemary Clements receiving the "Family of The Year" award. The St. Mary's Knights recognize the Clements because they Stimulate and support the development of strong and vibrant families. Our councils has establish a committee to recognize a deserving Family of the Year with potential for recognition on the international level.