November 18, 2019

Knights of Columbus
Bishop Glennon P. Flavin Council #11737
November 18, 2019
Call to order – Senior Guard see to the door - All knights present are at least members in the 1st degree
Prayer- Was delivered by Msgr. Huber
Role call – Conducted by Lewis Kavan.
Officers:  Msgr. Mark Huber, Greg Shinaut, William Jeffery, Jody                 Kraenzel, Lew Kavan, Gary Gandara, Dennis Carmichael, Luis Villamonte, Wayne Ringer
Non-Officer members: Mike Clements, Kevin Creevan, Ralph Fehringer, John Hetcko, Doug Rienks, Timothy Steward
Chaplain report- Msgr Huber gave update on sick parishioners in need of prayers.  Gave a brief history on Bishop Fulton Sheen. Informed us of upcoming church events an Christmas Masses.
Secretary’s report – approved as sent out
Grand Knight report-  Thank you note from the State District Deputy for the blessing bags received.
Received invitation to the delivery of the keys habitat for humanity home we worked on. 
Gave report on Christian tensions in the Mideast.  Recognition of Tim Stewart receiving his 2nd & 3rd degrees.
Financial Secretary’s report – Jody K reports that received thank you note from the Neumann center. 
Received plaque for the sponsoring 2 seminarians. 
Asked for blood donors names for report at the end of the year.
Treasurer’s report- Tim A.  Financial report given that the financials for the council are in good shape.
Faith Director/Scholarships – Don U. had an Advent project to acknowledge the households that had a Nativity scene.
Vocations Director – Gary G. A vocations banner created by Andy V was put up in the Narthex.
The next 4th degree is March 22
Community/Youth Director – Todd H.  Coats for Kids function was set up.
Life Director – Wayne R.
Health Service – Mike C. 
Family Director – Andy V.
Food Net – John H.


Membership – Greg S.

  • Quota is 7 new members, getting committee together to discuss how.
  • Report that the percentage of men in the parish that are Knights is low, so there should be possibilities in the parish.
  • First degree date is Jan. 17.

Retention – William J.  nothing to report
Public Relations – Doug R.  reports that we should send information about activities to state news letter.
Unfinished Business-

  • Organ update – Msgr Huber asking for donations to help replenish church funds.  The Knight will match any donation.
  •  “Pray for Our Priests” auto magnets was discussed, leave for next month.    
  • Schoenstat building update was given.
  • Discussion on the gift giving to first communion, confirmation etc.

New Business-

  • Annual Holiday meeting – December 3rd is set up with the legion

District Deputy – Larry K. gave report on district activities and discussed ways
to grow our council
Insurance Agent Report- Ian Johnstone is our agent. 
His phone number for knights that want to contact him is 402-676-3506.      Plans to visit each one of the members.
Good for the Order - Lou V.  reading book on St. Michael the Archangel, and will    give report in February.