September 21, 2020 Meeting Notes

September 21, 2020
Introduce Sarah Koerner – Women’s Care Center – Andy Vinton
            Sarah gave an update on the progress of the building remodeling and the status of the financials.  Also, she answered a few questions by the attending members.
Call to order – Inside Guard see to the door - All knights present are at least members in the 1st degree
Prayer- Was delivered by Fr. Craig Doty
Role call – Conducted by Lewis Kavan.
Officers:  Fr. Craig Doty, Greg Shinaut, William Jeffery, Jody Kraenzel, Lew Kavan, Gary Gandara, Dennis Carmichael, Luis Villamonte
Non-Officer members: Mike Clements, Kevin creevan, John Hetcko, Steve Jarecki, Robert Kluge, Gene Nickman, Doug Rienks, Tom Schuerman, Tim Steward, Don Urbanovsky, Andrew Vinton
Chaplain Report- Fr. Doty gave an update on upcoming events in incolnand surrounding areas.
Chaplain- Father Doty
Recorder report – previous meeting minutes. Delivered with changes to pastor name.
Grand Knight report-

  • Installation of Officers
  • Church Council meeting.  Gave update on parish projects.

Financial Secretary’s report – Jody K.

  • Catholic Radio contribution. Jody reported we usually give an annual $500.00.  approved to continue this year with same amount.
  • Villa Marie.  Will see how much we receive during the tootsie roll drive.

Treasurer’s report- Tim A. –  Absent
Director Reports – William Jeffery

  • Faith Director– Don U.
    • Scholarships. An update on the students that signed up.
    • Building and Maintenance – Kevin C.  Gave an update on the north entry door to the narthex. Gave report on status of the roof. Talked about building book shelves in church basement.
    • Fireworks – Tim S.  Fireworks project for 2020 is finished with good results.
  • Vocations Director – Gary G.
    • 4th degree report.  Report on number of 4th degree applications received.
  • Community/Youth Director – Todd H.
  • Life Director – Wayne R.
  • Family Director – Andy V.  Gave update on upcoming family events.
    • Food Net – John H. / Tim S.  COVID had impact. prepacking food is being utilized now.  Received contribution to add another year of funds to Food Net.

Membership – Greg S.

  • New member – report on activities that can be used to encourage new members.
    •  Virtual Exemplification
  • Quota – New member 1
  • Insurance – need 1
    • Insurance presentation to council = quota is 1

Retention – William J.  report of activities used to retain members
Public Relations – Doug R.  No report
Unfinished Business- 

  • Human from Day One – Angela Copenhaver – Tuesday, October 7
  • Intellectual Disabilities/Tootsie Toll fund raising event October 8-11. Need members to volunteer.  Update on places that will let us do our fundraiser.
  • Habitat for Humanity – October, gave update on when we can do our part on the  location.

New Business-

  • Rectory Furnishings – Total $ 1,653.24 -- Requested $326.62
  • Weed eater – Craftsman needs to be worked on.
  • Hiway Fall Clean up – Canceled?
  • Church Fall Clean up. This activity will be used instead of Hiway cleanup.  Oct. 3 was the scheduled date.
  • Coats for Kids order, report of past activities, will be doing the same this year.
  • Keep Christ in Christmas Cards order, currently being worked on.
  • One Rose/One life order.  Do not need to order any, we have plenty in the closet.
  • Father McGivney Beautification – Oct 31

District Deputy – Larry Koerner.  Gave report on district activities.
Insurance Agent Report - Ian Johnstone – Agent of the Month        
Brother/Family in Need. Bob Topil is in need of prayers
Good for the Order - Lou V. Gave an oratory on effects of sin.
Next Council meeting – October 19 – 7:00pm
Closing Prayer –St. Michaels Prayer
Call for Adjournment -