January 2021 Minutes

January 18, 2021

Call to order – Inside Guard see to the door - All knights present are at least members in the 1st degree
Opening Prayer- Was delivered by Fr. Doty
Pledge - All
Recorder report – previous meeting minutes  were approved
Chaplain Message- Father Doty -- Pope Francis announced that St. Joseph will be honored this spring. Noted the beatification of Father Mcgivney.
Grand Knight report- New meeting guidelines were discussed.

  • Bob Topil – 3 fourth degree members attended funeral services
  • Women’s Care Center – Presented $1000 gift check.  Picture will was taken
  • Snow Removal – need volunteers, please sign up.
  • Christmas Nativity, exterior lighting and wreath – is the Knight’s responsibility.

Financial Report – Tim A. worked with Fr. Doty to help a couple seminarians.
Membership- Greg S.

  • New member – sent 91 letters to men or the parish,
    • Virtual Exemplification – they are much shorter and family members can attend
    • Special Dues “Free for 1st year” – promo code MCGIVNEY2020
  • Insurance – need 1
    • Insurance virtual presentation to council = Quota

Director Reports – Greg S.

  • Faith Director– Don U. – sent out Christmas cards to retired priests.
    • Building and Maintenance – Kevin C.  
  • Vocations Director – Gary G. gave report on progress of vocations
    • 4th degree –Dates of 4th degree were given
  • Community/Youth Director – Todd H. 
    • Keep Christ in Christmas
  • Life Director – Wayne R.
    • One Rose One Life Campaign
  • Family Director – Andy V.
    • Consecration to the Holy Family
    • Food Net -John H. / Tim S. – gave report on number of families and volunteers
  • Insurance Agent – Ian Johnstone shared letter that Ian was agent of month.  Need to set up time for a presentation to the council.
  • Worthy District Deputy – Larry Koerner

Unfinished Business-

  • Church front doors discussion. Fr. Doty gave update on finances.
  • Knight and Family of the year awards, still being worked on

New Business-

  • Christmas card sales went very well
  • Dues for 2021 are due now, so please send in as soon as you can
  • Annual fraternity report due by Jan. 31

Good for the Order - Greg S.
Lecturer’s Reflection – Lou V.
Next Council meeting – January 18, 7:00pm
Closing Prayer –Prayer for the Canonization of the Venerable Servant of God – Michael McGivney
Call for Adjournment -