February 2021 Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2021
Call to order – Inside Guard see to the door - All knights present are at least members in the 1st degree
Opening Prayer- Was delivered by Fr. Doty
Pledge - All
Recorder report – previous meeting minutes were approved
Chaplain’s Message - Father Doty gave talk on meaning of lent, more prayer, and God                       will always be with you.
Grand Knight Report- Greg S

  • New meeting guidelines from Supreme council
  • New Supreme Knight – Patrick Kelly
  • Lottery Tickets are to be expected soon
  • Letter from Anthony Vinton
  • Snow Removal – Cushman will not start
  • Brian Barns visited meeting

Financial Report – Tim A. nothing to report
Membership – Greg S.

  • New member – one new transfer from another council
    •  Virtual Exemplification
    • Special Dues “Free for 1st year” - promo code MCGIVNEY2020 extended June 30th
  • Insurance –
    • Insurance presentation by Ian Johnstone – April 19th after meeting

Director Reports – Greg S.

  • Faith Director– Don U.
    • Building and Maintenance – Kevin C.
  • Vocations Director – Gary G.
    • 4th degree report – virtual Exemplification schedule was given
  • Community/Youth Director – Todd H.
    • Financial Peace University report– Doug R. paid off credit cards
  • Life Director – Wayne R.
  • Family Director – Andy V.
    • 40 Days for Life at Planned Parenthood – Thursdays, 6:00am - Noon
    • Food Net – John H. / Tim S. gave report on families receiving food boxes
  • Insurance Agent Report - Ian Johnstone
  • Worthy District Deputy – Larry Koerner, had a request from a seminarian for financial help.

Unfinished Business-

  • Church Front Doors replaced but had tiles that were broken.
  • Knight and Family of the Year awards,

New Business-

  • Financial Secretary gave report on activities
    • One Life One Rose
    • Membership dues are due -$25.00
    • Annual Fraternity Report
  • Council 25th Anniversary – March 17th

Lecturer’s Reflection – Luis Villamonte talked about the follwoing items;

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  • Bible in a Year – Father Mike Schmitz
  • Lenten Retreat – Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House or ZOOM
    • Tuesdays at 7:00pm – Starts Feb 16

Good for the Order – Greg S.
Officers/Directors meeting – March 8th – 7:00pm via ZOOM
Next Council meeting – March 15 – 7:00pm - Church and ZOOM